Sanvitalia Superbini
Easy to Grow • Long Flowering

Hanging Basket

Cascading Pot Planter

Low Spread Garden Landscape

Sun Lover


Bearing masses of petite daisy-like yellow flowers on tight green foliage, Sanvitalia, commonly known as Creeping Zinnia, is an appealing compact plant growing to around 25 x 35cm. It is heat and dry tolerant and will flower continuously from spring through to autumn. In hot, humid northern climates it will flower best during winter and spring.
Flowers: small bright yellow flowers continuously for many months.
An Easy care plant. Try to keep foliage dry as much as possible.
Landscape: Courtyards, pool surrounds, patios, decorator pots and hanging baskets and sunny garden beds.
Shape: Low growing to 15cm high by 30cm in good conditions.